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More revenue

Publish your properties with Buyer Leads and get more sales with Seller Leads.

Buyer Leads

All your properties online, visible in one click

Advertise your properties on Realo and get more leads

  • More than 1 million visitors per month
  • More than 130,000 properties for sale or rent
  • Ability to redirect visitors to your site and get higher in the search results yourself
  • Your logo in search results
  • Synchronization with your software package
Seller Leads

Validated sellers
Validated sellers are owners who wish to sell their home in the short term. They wish to receive a professional estimate for this and are open to working with a broker.

Get exclusive leads for your region

  • Unique leads from qualified salespeople
  • 100,000 purchasing leads per year
  • Fixed amount per postal code
  • Limited number of partners per region
  • 1 in 2 of forwarded leads are effectively on the market

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Better insight

Get unique insights into the history of properties and generate detailed estimate reports.


Unique insights for real estate professionals

View details of properties, even if they are not for sale or for rent

  • View all property information based on points of comparison, exclusively for professionals
  • Access the complete database of each zip code with estimates, asking price history, photos, ....
  • Developed by renowned real estate data scientists with 7 years of experience
  • Trusted by governments, banks, insurers, brokers and project developers

Estimates for real estate professionals

Create professional estimate reports with high accuracy

  • Estimate a property easily using the Realo Estimation Engine
  • Generate estimate reports in your corporate identity and with your own estimate
  • More than 450 data sources together provide less than 10% margin of error
  • Save time preparing estimate reports and get to your customers informed
  • Quick start-up for starters (interns, ...)

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Our estimate widget on your website

Integrate our estimation module on your own website to help your customers.

This widget can be personalized with your logo and colors so that it integrates perfectly with your website and helps your business grow faster.

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Not a real estate agent?

But still interested in our services? We are also there for:

Project Developers

We allow you to build more informed and sell units more easily.


Accurate estimates and reliable real estate data give banks a competitive advantage.


We map out all factors that can influence the value of real estate, for every customer.


The estimate tool allows notaries to quickly and accurately make an estimate for succession and sale.


Our estimate algorithm and real estate data are used by governments on a daily basis.


We provide you with all the knowledge to ensure that your next investment is a success story.


Use the Realo estimate tool to make accurate comparative estimates.

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Realo is trusted by leading companies in various industries.

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