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Request an online valuation of your home and immediately receive an estimate. Download the estimate report including property information, comparable homes, price evolutions, neighbourhood information and more.

Calculate the value of your house or flat.

The Realo Estimate takes into account a multitude of data sets, including the neighbourhood of the property, historical asking price data in the area, the known data regarding the property and lots of other internal and public data sources.

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Public information Realo collects all publicly accessible information from homes and neighbourhoods to generate the estimate.
Your information The information you enter is crucial. The estimate gets more accurate as you answer more question.
Increasingly precise The technology behind the realo Estimate is self-learning. This allows the estimates to become increasingly accurate.


The estimate report

In addition to the valuation, you'll also receive an extensive estimate report packed full of interesting data to help you make important decisions
You can also choose to have an estimate with a valuation on the spot also taking into account subjective information about the home.
Comparable homes Get an overview of some recent and comparable transactions in the area
Evolution of the estimate Get an evolution of the estimate up to the last 25 years
Neighbourhood comparison The average asking price of the neighborhood is compared with other close-by neighborhoods
Mobility Find out more information about the accessibility of nearby amenities
Rent estimate In addition to the sale estimate, an rent estimate will also be shown

What others are saying about the Realo Estimate

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The Realo Estimate helped me to determine an asking price for my house. The estimate is amazingly accurate and moreover the accompanying report is very interesting!

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Getting a professional estimate is very expensive and cumbersome. The Realo Estimate is the exact opposite: straightforward, fast very complete.

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