5 things we love about our new office

Two weeks ago we moved into our new offices in the city center of Ghent. Awesome, because there are so many great places to drink and eat right around the corner. But also:

Fancy a drink?

Yes. A well-placed bar. To properly welcome guests with either a fresh drink or a delicious coffee from:


We baptised our new coffee machine Beast. We were so excited about her planned arrival. We even had a poster hanging in our old office.

She’s a bit high maintenance, requiring a full cleansing every 24 hours. But with the coffee she brews, the effort is totally worth it.

A secret door hiding…

I ran around with a dirty cup of coffee the first few days at the office. It was only after I accidentally knocked a door, I found out we actually had a dish washer.

Can I use your key?

When someone asks me which I like most, my keys or my fingers, I used to have a hard time choosing. My keys open the doors to our magical office, so that’s awesome. But my fingers have all kinds of purposes, like typing this post. I usually ended up diverting the conversation to a different topic, like choosing between avocado and ginger beer (also difficult). But not anymore!

Our new office has a finger print scanner. So arriving at the office keyless is not a far-fetched dream anymore.

Taste my avocado?

We have been working on growing our own avocado’s for a few months now. But it was only after moving to our new offices they really hit a growth spurt.

These new surroundings make both plants and people flourish.

Is it the wonderful light coming in through the giant windows throughout the office? Or the perfectly air conditioned rooms we work in? We’ll never know. But we do know these new surroundings make both plants and people flourish.

See for yourself

Anxious to drop by because you’re curious or because you’re an engineer who’s got the skills and mindset to join our team? Find out at our job page.